Personal Safety & De-escalation

This cousrse is specifically aligned with those working in Healthcare and is aimed at providing all employees with the necessary communication skills and strategies to de-escalate situations.

Participants will all receive a certificate of programme completion from FITAC. This course is approved by NMBI (essential for healthcare).

Objectives are to enable employees:

To have the knowledge and skills to stay safe in their workplace.

 To provide them with information on the legislation relating to conflict, health & safety and lone working.

To risk assess an individual and the environment.

To understand communication more effectively - verbal/ non-verbal/ paraverbal elements.

To respond appropriately to verbal aggression, using techniques to de-escalate verbally aggressive behaviour.

To deal more effectively with telephone communications and the issues that may arise from these.

To understand the process that contributes to the development of a crisis.

To recognise and assess an escalation in behaviour.

To more effectively interact with the individuals that they encounter during their work using communication, personal safety and well-being techniques.

To be competent in understanding the reasons for such behaviours.

To maintain professionalism in the face of these behavioural challenges.

To understand the importance of recording and reporting incidents

To cope with challenges and make them aware of the importance of self care strategies

To help participants understanding how to de-brief and support one another following an incident.

Course Information
Venue Trainer Spaces Length
Havenwood Retirement Home FITAC 2 Available 1 day 9:30-17:00
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Course Timetable
Date Times
Jun 01, 2018 9:30am to 5:00pm

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