Communicating within a VUCA World

The term VUCA is used to reference the challenges facing current and emerging work environments across the world. The acronym VUCA is used to describe volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

In an unstable VUCA environment we are forced to change the way we do things. Unpredictable events are happening every day external to the organisation which creates challenges for leaders and business owners to make decisions and plan for the future. Many organisations are unprepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Investing in workplace communications training will develop the capacity of your organisation to respond to rapidly changing business landscapes.

The overall aim of this workshop is to empower leaders, managers, supervisors and staff to make considered decisions and to communicate key messages that are clear, influential and timely. They will learn how to adapt and respond quickly using the best traditional and contemporary communication tools. In refining their communication style participants will increase the speed and effectiveness of their communications to meet the high expectations of the VUCA environment.

By the end of this workshop participants will:
• Define and Explore the VUCA landscape and consider how economic/social disruptions impact the ability of managers and organisations to communicate, make decisions and plan for the future.
• Experience the value of conversational intelligence and develop the ability to assess situations to maximise the potential of every conversation
• Identify the key styles of Influencing and understand how each style can be used to influence people in different and diverse scenarios
• Assess a range of key Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills needed for managers and leaders including empathy, interpersonal, adaptability and persuasiveness.
• Investigate the concept of behavioural economics to understand the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on the decision-making process
• Explore the leader as an influencer and consider the importance of business acumen and commercial insight in the influencing process
• Use a range of expert communication skills to ensure that key messages are transmitted and understood
• Manage difficult conversations with ease and be able to find common ground
• Explore strategies to resolve conflict situations using proven tools and approaches.

  • Communicating in a VUCA World
    3rd July 2020
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm



This event is being hosted online