Creating Content with Lasting Engagement

This unique training programme comprises of:

A. Workshops X3 (21 April / 19 May / 16 June – 2021)

Workshop 1 – APRIL 21st –  10.00am – 1.00pm – Understanding the Context of Digital Communication

  • Introduction to concepts and templates
  • What good and bad communication looks like
  • Understanding the context of social media content
  • Demonstration of how mind mapping delivers content ideas and longevity
  • Step by step guidance on the content creating process
  • Demonstration on how to analysis metrics on a monthly basis, thus providing an understand of which content works best for engagement levels

Workshop 2 – MAY 19th – 10.00am – 1.00pmCreating Impactful Visual Communications

  • Guidance on the development of professional and creative posts
  • A detailed overview of Canva
  • Guidance of using online image/video libraries
  • Guidance on how to export Canva projects correctly
  • Guidance on how to publish Canva projects on all relevant social media platforms
  • A review of how to maximise exposure through boosting posts

Workshop 3 – JUNE 16th – 10.00am – 1.00pm – Developing Professional Video Content

  • Overview of the technical process of creating professional business videos
  • All technical aspects of developing a corporate or marketing video
  • The basics of how to capture sound and lighting for a professional look
  • How to create, edit and distribute videos across all platforms

B. 3 hours mentoring per participant (mentoring session will be arranged directly)


So the big Question is – Why would attending this training programme Benefit to Your Company?

Easy – This training programme will help you understand that digital communication is a strategic (not random) exercise, driven by 3 factors;

  1. ‘Who’ you are targeting,
  2. ‘Where’ these people are, and
  3. Your communication messaging.

Plus –  participants will finish the training programme with:

  • A much deeper understanding of the context of digital communication and the ‘content creation’ brainstorming process.
  • • Training on graphic posts (using online tool Canva) and video posts (using online tool Vimeo)
  • • A monthly and weekly template that drives ongoing and consistent communication across all relevant platforms

Spaces are limited on this training programme, early booking is advised.

  • Creating Content with Lasting Engagement
    21st April 2021 - 16th June 2021
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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