De-Escalation & Personal Safety

Aims and Objectives of this Training: 

  1. To provide all employees with the necessary communication skills and strategies to de-escalate situations.

2. To provide all employees with knowledge to deal with the verbal aggression that they may encounter in the workplace, so that they can maintain their safety and well-being in their places of work.

3. To equip staff with the necessary skills and techniques to safely disengage from being held, safely disengage another person from being held, avoid and defend kicks and punches, post-incident actions and record      keeping and de-briefing.


This training day will be delivered in a relaxed, practical and professional way.

Ample opportunity for feedback, questioning and shared learning is promoted. Training is delivered over 6 hours approximately.

The teaching/ learning and assessment strategies employed in the course will be congruent with the principles of androgogy, the rationale for which is that trainers and participants will

bring to the course existing competencies- knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Emphasis will be placed on interactive approaches and student participation is highly encouraged.

Price available on request. 

FITAC – Personal Safety and Deescalation Content

  • De-Escalation & Personal Safety Training
    6th June 2019
    9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Rockshire Road, Ferrybank, Waterford, Munster, X91 YA31, Ireland