Health and Safety for Managers/Supervisors in the Covid-19 Environment

This programme will benefit Management and Supervisory staff requiring to up-grade their knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety from a practical workplace perspective.

It will also specify additional management responsibility in relation to health and safety in the Covid 19 environment.

At the end of the programme participants will be better able to assess health and safety conditions within their work environment. They will also be able to identify effective control measures to reduce risk levels, as required by current legislation, including Covid 19 related controls.

Programme Outline


  • Overview of Current Legislation: Common Law Duty, 2005 SHWW Act, 2007 to 2016 General Applications Regulations, Relevant HSA Guidelines and Codes of Practice, including Covid 19 HSA Guidelines for Employers and Employees.


  • Role and Function of the Manager/ Supervisor: Key Supervisory and Management tasks will be reviewed in line with the requirements of an effective safety management system. Practical advice on working within Covid 19 restrictions will be discussed.


  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment: Essential factors will be explained and a Practical Case Study used to ensure that participants understand the Risk Assessment process and are capable of using the approved templates in a workplace setting.


  • Accident Investigation and Reporting: A review of accident causation to include a workplace case study, illustrating both root and contributory causes of accidents.


  • The Safety Statement: Legal requirement, Method of Compilation, Content, Management and Employee Responsibility, Method of Review. Covid 19 Policy as a new section of the document will be included.


  • Consultation Mechanisms: An overview of consultation and staff representative models and their potential effectiveness. Limitations of consultation and representation models will also be discussed.


  • Task Specific Training issues: Requirements of task-specific training will be explained and the need for effective monitoring and recording of non-compliance will also be reviewed. Covid 19 guidance from the HSA and potential training implications will also be explained and discussed.


  • Assessment Questionnaire: A short assessment questionnaire will be completed by participants and used as a revision tool to ensure that important training points are retained.


 Delivered by Virtual Classroom – limited places available

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  • H&S for Managers
    28th May 2020 - 29th May 2020
    9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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