A Lego Serious Play Date – Free – 20th January 2022

A Lego Serious Play Date
With: Waterford Chamber Skillnet and Waterford Chamber of Commerce

“If we want to live a Wholehearted life, we have to become intentional about cultivating rest and play, and we must work to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol, and productivity as self-worth”Brene Brown



Lego Serious Play is a visual and very interactive tool that can be used in multiple ways to explore divergent aspects of everyday life. As Positive Psychology focuses on the development and enhancement of positive aspects, Lego Serious
Play comes in handy as a stimulating tool.

Give yourself permission to Play! Take a break from thinking and come join us on the 20th January 12pm to explore goals, motivation, agency, and hope. 

Benefits to the Individual
The unique benefits associated with positive orientated interventions include less stress, achievement of goals, increased engagement, resilience, happiness, and work satisfaction. Leaders who use their psychological
strengths at work are 6 times more engaged at work (Gallup, 2012).

Is Serious Play for Me?

There are many reasons why we combine Positive Psychology and the Hands-On-Thinking Lego play method. Listed below are 3 common areas of application.
1. There are no obvious answers to the challenge at hand,
2. When you want to deal with issues that are tough, complex or emotional in a constructive atmosphere,
3. When you want to enhance an individual’s or team’s thinking agility and improve the solution focus of each


Warren Doyle (Inkel Health) is a serial entrepreneur and accredited strength based positive psychology coach with the centre of applied positive psychology (CAPP Group), he is certified with the Gnist Group Denmark as a positive psychology coach using the Hands-on approach, Lego Serious Play method.


**Please note you will be asked to confirm your postal address once you reserve your space so your “Lego Serious Play” pack can be sent to you!!!**

  • A Lego Serious Play Date 
    20th January 2022
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



This event is being hosted online