Digital Classroom

Michael Cox, one of our top trainers embraces the new world of remote delivery.

For those of you used to seeing Michael Cox, MCX Training and Delivery, you will know he works best in front of an audience. Today’s audience for Emotional Intelligence is logging in from home as Michael struts his stuff for the camera.

Waterford Chamber Skillnet are embracing the rapid change our members are currently facing and are prepared to assist you with any and all training needs where we can.

Classroom learning will be delivered via webinar and digital classroom.

All sessions will be live. And open for you to register on to.

All sessions can be organised for private delivery for you and your teams.

As always we are prepared to work with our trainers to provide the best training to you, at the best prices we can deliver.

Our Team are now all working remotely, and we will be keeping a steady stream of digital training online and we are happy to talk to you about your requirements.

Join our  Working from Home Series, here, 

Sara Mullally

Network Manager

Waterford Chamber Skillnet