Established in 2002, the South East Lean Network (SELN) is Ireland’s first and longest-running regional lean network, and it has been at the heart of Lean Business Ireland (LBI).

SELN was built on the traditional manufacturing excellence within the South East region, and it has played a core leadership role in advancing the regional and national Lean and CI ecosystem.

As the regional community of learning and practice in Lean, CI, and Enterprise and Operational Excellence, SELN provides a knowledge exchange and networking forum for public and private organisations from across all manufacturing and services sectors that have adopted or are beginning to adopt, Lean Thinking and Practices to improve productivity and competitiveness.


  • Coordinates online and in-person seminars and webinars; site visits; gemba walks; and peer benchmarking.
  • Acts as a network broker for inter-organisation site visits for public and private organisations within the region as well as from outside the region visiting firms within the region.
  • Facilitates one-to-one, or one-to-many focused mentoring and tutorial sessions.
  • Provides a forum for industry stakeholder engagement and collaboration which informs programme and module development, plus research, within and from the Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence, RIKON Research Centre, South East Technological University.
  • Provides a forum for industry engagement and collaboration regarding private training courses and other service offerings involving, for example, Regional Skills Forum, Skillnets, Chambers of Commerce, Education Training Boards, SETU, and Lean Service Providers.

South East Lean Network Events and Activities: